Flood Recovery Booklet


Whether you or your home have been greatly affected by flood or slightly, this booklet is intended to aid your flood recovery efforts. It contains information and helpful tips on safety, cleaning your home, cleaning and stabilizing important family documents and memorabilia, and where and how to find additional assistance.

Read through this booklet before beginning your recovery efforts. Then list and prioritize the tasks ahead of you. What those priorities are depends on where you're starting from, whether your home needs to be cleaned and inspected before it is once again safe for occupancy, whether you have a few wet pieces of furniture or several, whether you have just a few wet documents and heirlooms or many.

The first section of this booklet, titled Home and Safety, can help you plan your priorities. Knowing your priorities before you begin will help your recovery efforts progress smoothly. Nine Steps to Recovery provides step-by-step information on making your home livable again. The Do’s and Don’ts and Disaster Supplies pages give you information on what procedures and materials you will need for your specific recovery.

Treating Damaged Materials, the second section, provides information that can help you stabilize important family papers, books and heirlooms. This section contains important technical information on how to best treat water-damaged items.

The third section, Where to Go for Help, will provide you with a list of various hotlines and information ranging from local conservators to helpful disaster recovery agencies and organizations.

Don't lose hope, much can be done to stabilize and even restore your unique family items. This booklet provides you with the information you need to begin your recovery efforts.