ILA Health Sciences Subdivision: business meeting minutes

October 15, 1010, Coralville, IA 4:30-5:15


Welcome and introductions

Attendance: Chris Childs, Eileen Hansen, Larry Marquardt, Pamela Kress-Dunn, Emily Erickson, Paula Whannell, Mindwell Egeland, Dennis Peterson, Sarah Andrews, Linda Walton.

GMR update--Jacqueline Leskovec


GMR update

Handouts distributed to the group. Jacqueline highlighted the most notable items to consider, including deadlines for awards/project completion.

New business

Awards information- Recap of awards issued

         Citation of merit awarded to Ed Holtum

         On behalf of the subdivision, Ed Holtum also received a certificate of recognition issued by Governor Culver.

         Midwest chapter conference scholarship was awarded to Pamela Kress-Dunn

         Memorial award in honor of Kathy Skhal was awarded to Hardin Library and accepted by Linda Walton

Electronic Voting

         There was a discussion about how electronic voting can be used to vote for awards given or to decide of a speaker to be invited. Electronic voting cannot be used to directly spend funds. The proposal will be submitted to the bylaws committee. There was unanimous agreement to move forward with this.

Bylaws revisions

         Must delete the Executive Committee position for state medical library representative, as there is no longer a state medical library. Motion passed.

         There was a motion to add representative from academic library, not a resource library. Informal discussion took place, and support for this idea was evident. Dennis Peterson offered to fill this role and members voted to approve his addition to the Executive Committee.

Getting prepared for ILA planning session

         Eileen inquired if anyone has ideas to contribute for upcoming planning meeting. A few ideas mentioned are as follows: Eileen suggested patient safety program (Holly from GMR conducts this), Chris mentioned health literacy (done a few years ago), Linda mentioned new readers of Iowa, affiliated with dept. of education)

         Ideas about goals are welcomed and attendees were encouraged to send ideas to Eileen or Chris before November 5 meeting.