Fall, 2007

Coralville, Coralville Marrriott

Meeting Minutes-Fall 2007) Iowa Library Association Health Science Subdivision Meeting-Fall 2007
Thursday, Oct. 11, 2007, Coralville Marriott, Coralville, IA.


Emily Erickson, Chair
Jason Young, Secretary/Treasurer
Ambrosya Amlong, Representative to the NN/LM, GMR 2005-2008
Special Guest: Ruth Holst, NN/LM GMR
Sarah Andrews, Mindwell Egeland, Kay Harold, Jim Lander, Janna Lawrence, Pam Rees, Marietta Sargeant, Linda Walton.

The meeting was called to order at 4:30 PM by Emily Erickson, Chair.

The minutes from the spring meeting were approved. Jim Lander moved to approve the minutes, and Ambrosya Amlong seconded.

Old Business

Election of Officers

The following nominations were made and approved by acclamation at the spring meeting:Larry Marquardt will serve as Chair in 2008.

Paula Whannell will serve as Chair-elect in 2008 and Chair in 2009. Jason Young will serve as Secretary/Treasurer in 2008.

New Business

New draft of bylaws

The following changes to our bylaws were recommended by ILA Bylaws and Organization Manual Committee (BOMC):

In Article VI Section 1 it states that the Executive Committee may call meetings of the membership in addition to the Annual Business Meeting. There should be a notice requirement as part of this option. Adding the phrase “with 30 days’ notice” or something similar would do the job.

In Article VII Section 1 A. the Bylaws state that the Nominating Committee Chair is appointed by the Vice Chairperson. Appointment of committee chairs is usually done by the Chair. And since your bylaws state in Article V Section 6 that duties will be those normally pertaining to their respective offices we thought you should review this.

In Article VIII Section 2 the current bylaws wording does not cover all the grounds for dissolution. We would like to recommend that instead of itemizing them all (and possibly having to amend your bylaws if ILA changes them) you consider wording such as “The subdivision will be dissolved by the ILA Executive Board for failure to comply with ILA subdivision requirements.” You might also want to add a provision regarding disposition of the subdivision’s assets. Look at some of the other subdivision bylaws for wording options.

Also, for purposes of consistency we are asking all subdivision to use the word “will” instead of the word “shall” in their Bylaws.

Chair Emily Erickson made the necessary changes and has resubmitted the bylaws to the BOMC for approval. Ambrosya Amlong moved to approve the bylaws with the changes, and Jim Lander seconded.

Spring meeting

Ideas were sought for the spring subdivision meeting, but this was tabled in the interest of time. Please submit ideas to incoming chair Larry Marquardt (larry.marquardt@dmu.edu or 515.271.1430)

Fall meeting

Next year’s ILA conference will be held in Dubuque.



Jason Young reported a balance of $2,024.14 in the subdivision account. The subdivision has 28 members in 2007.


GMR Associate Director Ruth Holst reported Kate Carpenter was hired as Director of the GMR. She will start Nov. 1. The following classes are being offered by the GMR: Patient Safety Resource Seminar: Librarians on the Front Lines and Measuring Your Impact: Using Evaluation for Library Advocacy. Two Go Lo