ILA Health Sciences Subdivision Meeting

April 1, 2011 2:00-3:30


Attendees: Sarah Andrews, Chris Childs, Teresa Coady, Jennifer DeBerg, Patricia Duffel, Mindwell Egeland,  Janice Eifling, Karen Goodell, Eileen Hansen, Elaine Hughes, Donna Hirst, Mary Hubbard, Elaine Hughes, Nichole Jenkins, Joyce Lindstrom,  Larry Marquardt, Erin Moore, Janet Pine,  Pam Rees, Jeannette Stonebraker, Juanita Strait, Michelle Tedrow, Shane Wallace, Paula Whannell.

Officers for 2011

Chris Childs —Chair

Jennifer DeBerg —Vice Chair

Eileen Hansen—Secretary/Treasurer

Eileen Hansen—Liaison to the Midwest Chapter

Joyce Lindstrom—GMR representative

Paula Whannell—Hospital representative

Dennis Peterson—Academic library representative


GMR Update Items

Max Anderson provided an overview of GMR updates and provided a handout


Business Meeting Items

Welcome and Introductions:  Done previously at start of Super Searcher session.

Fall 2010 minutes review: .Approved minutes from this meeting with one spelling change

Treasurer’s Report: Balance for subdivision account is: $8,075.44


  • Chris reported that ILA Awards Committee has approved the subdivision’s award that will pay costs for a subdivision member who has been accepted into the ILA Leadership Institute.
  • Eileen reported that the subdivision’s Executive committee has voted to give a Citation of Merit to Lenetta Atkins on the anniversary of her 50 years as a health science librarian. The certificate and gift will be presented at the April 22 celebration at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines.

ILA Fall Conference Meeting Speakers

  • Dr. Navsaria, a physician and librarian has been suggested as a keynote speaker on early literacy by our subdivision.
  • Chris Childs will present a concurrent session on consumer health information for older adults.
  • Ruth Holst, current MLA president, will present a session on health literacy.




  • Chris Childs recommended revival of the subdivision newsletter, The Beep, as a way to communicate among subdivision members, particularly those who are new. To begin, he will post brief biosketches of the current officers. Members should send him ideas.
  • Eileen Hansen reported on contacting Library directors at private colleges with health science programs across the state with a personal invitation to join the subdivision. Three new members joined as a result.
  • There was further discussion of ways to welcome new members. Trish Duffel suggested a welcome kit/new members packet that would provide information about the listserv, GMR, award applications, and other resources that would be helpful. The group agreed and officers will work on developing this.
  • Publicizing the Conference Scholarship award and Leadership Institute award would also promote the value of membership.



Chris mentioned that the review of the bylaws before the fall meeting was an annual requirement. Jen DeBerg, as vice chair will work with Larry Marquardt and Trish Duffel on this.


Officers for 2012

Chris Childs described the duties of each position and asked for those interested to contact him. Election will take place at the Fall meeting. Sarah Andrews expressed and interest in the Secretary/Treasurer position. Eileen Hansen expressed a willingness to continue as Midwest chapter representative. Joyce Lindstrom described her responsibilities at GMR representative.


Librarian Reports/Updates

  • Chris Childs reported that Hardin Library will be closed this summer (May 15 – August 15) for HVAC replacement. A reference desk will be open, some liaison staff will be housed in their colleges, and there will be some temporary space in the main library.
  • Karen Goodell reported that Palmer has several open library positions. There has been some budget reduction but the emphasis will be on maintaining services and online collections.
  • Janice Eifling is enjoying her new library.
  • Elaine Hughes described the major renovations at Broadlawns. The library is scheduled to be refurbished.
  • Larry Marquardt announced that Des Moines University will be hosting two NLM displays. Binding Wounds Pushing Boundaries: African Americans in Civil War Medicine will be exhibited May 9 through June 18. Later in the fall, Life and Limb: The Toll of the American Civil War will be on display. Both exhibits will be accompanied by Civil War artifacts. Larry also announced that the new president of DMU is Dr. Angela Walker Franklin.
  • Joyce Lindstrom added that DMU will host the April 2, 2011 0 MLA Webcast.
  • Patricia Duffel described the recent refurbishment, move to EOS library system, and department move to River Landing which will require library services.
  • Paula Whannel reported that budget issues are requiring creative planning at Iowa Health systems, Des Moines. The nursing department requested Nursing consult and will provide funding while Paula provides training and serves as system administrator. Isabel, a clinical decision support system, will be acquired with funding from physicians and Nancy O’Brien will administer.
  • Pam Rees informed the group that the State Library will be getting a Facebook page. The library re-organization bill has passed the Iowa Senate so far. The current EBSCO contract expired at the end of June and a new contract is under review from various vendors. She encouraged everyone to join the Midwest chapter of MLA.
  • Teresa Coady described the new reporting structure that has the VA library report to the Chief Learning Officer. She and Janet Pine have moved the library to its fourth location in four years and will move to a permanent location later this year.  They have initiated an e-book project with 25 Nooks pre-loaded with leadership, learning organization, and patient centered care titles that will be checked out to book club members.
  • Erin Moore is the new medical librarian at Genesis. She is busy learning and will work on collection development, enhancing nursing and spiritual care resources. She will also look for instructional opportunities.
  • Juanita Strait is completing a “virtual moving” project and has been updating links on the Mercy (Iowa City) intranet.
  • Jeannette Stonebraker invited the group to attend a special celebration at mercy Medical Center, Des Moines to honor Lenetta Atkins on her 50 years of service as a health sciences librarian.
  • Jen DeBerg described her liaison responsibilities to the nursing, allied health, and pediatrics students from University of Iowa and introduced two new staff members, Shane Wallace (emerging technologies) and Amy Blevins.
  • Mindy Egland announced that the new Patients Library will open April 18 and will provide distraction/recreation resources as well as health information and education materials. There is interest in electronic health records and Mindy served on a regional medical advisory committee with Ruth Holst.