ILA Health Sciences Subdivision Meeting

October 13, 4:30-5:15

Attendees: Sarah Andrews, Chris Childs, Eileen Hansen, Joyce Lindstrom, Larry Marquardt, ,  Pam Rees, Elizabeth Skeen

Guests: Barb Corson, Ruth Holst

Business Meeting Items

Welcome and Introductions


Treasurer’s Report: September 1, 2011 balance for subdivision account is: $7,906.66


GMR Update:

Ruth Holst provided Electronic Funds Transfer information. The GMR is in the first year of a contract with the NLM, with four one year options to renew. Funding for each year must be disbursed within that year with the fiscal year running from May 1 to April 30.

New areas of focus will be:

  • Hospital librarians. 22% of the nation’s hospital librarians fall within the 10 state Greater Midwest Region of the NNLM. Ruth Holst is seeking ideas for effective professional development for this group.
  • Integration of health information technology into physician practices. By 2014 medical offices must use Electronic Health Records or receive reduced Medicare funding.

A new subcontract is targeting outreach for emergency preparedness. Other available awards include Outreach Express ($4,500), Assessment and Planning (($2,500), and technology Improvement ($4,500).


Two travelling exhibits are currently on display in Iowa: Life and Limb at Des Moines University and Opening Doors at the University of Iowa.


“Lake Effects” is the new y Webinar series, held the third Thursday of each month. December’s topic will be advocacy for hospital librarians.


ILA Planning Retreat: 

Barb Corson described a new process for the Fall Planning session for ILA to be held November 4 at the Urbandale Public Library.  Worksheet will be streamlined and completed online.


Officers for 2012:

One of the candidates for an officer position had to withdraw. A new slate of officers will be developed and voting will occur electronically.



The proposed bylaws change was withdrawn.





Pam Rees of the State library won the Midwest Chapter Conference Scholarship Award. It was proposed to increase the amount of this award to encourage applications. After discussion, the vote was unanimous in support of an amount up to $1,200. Eileen Hansen will revise the text of the award and submit to the ILA Bylaws and Institutional Manual Committee


A new award was also proposed for attendance at annual Iowa Library Association conference. The award would be for a student or first time conference attendee who would attend the Iowa Health Science Library Association business meeting and write a brief article for The Beep newsletter. The award would cover the annual ILA membership fee plus the conference registration. The proposal was approved by the members in attendance. Eileen Hansen will develop the text of the awards and submit to the ILA Awards committee