ILA Health Sciences Subdivision Meeting

April 30, 2010 2:00-3:30


Attendees: Lenetta Atkins, Sarah Andrews, Ellen Bergerson, Chris Childs, Teresa Coady, Jennifer DeBerg, Mindwell Egeland,  Emily Erickson,  Karen Goodell, Eileen Hansen, Elaine Hughes, Gordana Lenert, Jacqueline Leskovec, Joyce Lindstrom,  Larry Marquardt, Joan McCleish, Janet Pine,  Pam Rees,  Katie Shaffer, Juanita Strait, Randi Thon,  Paula Whannell, Marcie White.

Officers for 2010

Eileen Hansen—Chair

Chris Childs—Chair-elect

Jennifer DeBerg—Secretary/Treasurer

Janna Lawrence—Liaison to the Midwest Chapter

Joyce Lindstrom—GMR representative

Paula Whannell—Hospital representative

GMR Update Items

Jaqueline Leskovic provided an overview of GMR updates and provided a handout


Comments from ILA president Dale Vande Haar

·         Thanked those who are members for joining and asked those who have not to consider.

·         Reviewed budget situation for state.

·         Executive board of ILA is voicing significance of joining subdivisions and that the health of subdivisions is necessary for vitality of ILA.

·         Newsletter is going to be redesigned to be delivered in electronic format, probably in fall but this is not yet determined.

Business Meeting Items

Welcome and Introductions:  done previously at start of Grant Writing session.

Fall 2009 minutes review: Approved minutes from this meeting with request from Chris to notify him with any suggested changes.

Treasurer’s Report: Balance for subdivision account is: 8,689.34 Subdivision currently has 27 members.  

Awards:  Eileen reported that ILA by-laws require that awards have to approved by multiple means before an award is in effect.  Three awards have been proposed:

·         Citation of Merit will be awarded as needed basis and can be issued yearly or more frequently (or less).

·         Memorial Award will be awarded to deceased member, ILA member or not. People can contribute personal funding to increase the amount to > $250, but for this year, the amount will be $250. Next year, it can be proposed to raise the amount to $500.

·         Midwest Chapter MLA Conference Scholarship award, ILA members only for consideration. Will be based on need, possible preference to first-time attendees.

All awards approved by the group and now will need to be reviewed by executive board.

Electronic Voting

·         By–laws need to be revised if we want pursue electronic voting. All members approved. Larry and Mindy will work with Chris on a committee to revise by-laws.


Future Meeting Topics/Speakers

·         On Line tutorials suggested by Gordana

·         Chris will send out a request to the listserv to obtain suggestions about future topics for speakers


Fall Meeting at ILA Coralville, IA

Oct 13-15. We have four sessions sponsored by our subdivision. These were reviewed briefly.

·         Intergenerational Workforce (keynote,  Mary Lou Gerke)

·         Hardin Health Guides, Chris Childs

·         Disaster Planning, MaryLinn Santiago. She is not charging a fee but would like her travel expenses covered ($700).

·         Nutrition and the Library, programming and issues with vending machines/cafes. Eileen is looking for a dietician or someone who can deliver this.

The group approved the funding and supporting of all sessions.


Officers for 2011

Chris Childs, Chair

Jen DeBerg, Secretary/Treasurer

Co-chair, need a member to volunteer:  Chris gave description and Randi Thon agreed to take this position.

GMR representative- Joyce gave a brief description of what this position entails and request for interested members to express interest. None interested; she will continue in this role.

Midwest Chapter MLA representative- Eileen Hansen will take this from Janna.

Hospital Representative- Paula W. will continue


Items for Discussion

·         Chris Childs proposed the idea of a Joint meeting with Wisconsin Health Sciences Subdivision idea. They approached us about a year ago with this idea and it is time for follow up. Chris will talk with them to find more about their thoughts, if group in agreement.  Theoretically, this could replace spring meeting but may be held in location suitable for both groups. Sharing the meeting may have the benefit of offering more opportunity for CE (possibly 2 day event). Of course, this will have to be approved by ILA executive board. All were in favor of idea, with suggestion made to have the meeting replace current spring meeting, rather than adding another meeting. Joyce mentioned that this has been done in past with group in Nebraska. 



Librarian Reports/Updates

·         Emily from Mary Greely Medical Center, Ames IA:  she is happy to report she now has overdue policies in her library.

·         Gordana from Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, Iowa City: working on NCBI database training and improved University of Iowa faculty/student awareness of these resources.

·         Sarah from Hardin Library:  changes in collection with merging of Psychology collection, moving and cataloging updates (still in progress!)

·         Mindy from UIHC Patients Library: early state of renovation. Library to be completely gutted.  She is working on outreach program partnering with Chris Childs to increase consumer health literacy.

·         Elaine from Broadlawns Medical Center:  major construction on medical building, new ER, parking problems! But exciting times and library has been busy. Kiosks for kids created for internet access in 2 treatment areas.

·         Larry speaking for all Des Moines University librarians (Joyce and Ellen): enrollment looking good for fall, expanding E journal collection.

·         Katie from St Luke’s Hospital, Cedar Rapids: she has been on job for only a month or so. She is getting oriented to position, plans to do needs assessment soon.

·         Juanita from Mercy Hospital, Iowa City:  created library web site, recently purchased a new multi- function printer/copier/scanner. This has helped with ILL efficiency and patrons very satisfied with this. Ongoing attention to continuing education programming.

·         Lenetta (and Marcie) from Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines:  Nothing new really to speak of, but no budget cuts/ losses to report.

·         Paula from Iowa Health, Des Moines:  Medical education classroom space designated, new hospital opened last fall and she is going over to talk to the leadership group about library services.

·         Karen from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport:  exploring adding more e-books to collection, conducting more workshops in the undergraduate, and the research department as well as the chiropractic technology program.

·         Teresa from VA Central Iowa Health Care (and Janet):  Janet back full time and settled in new  library space;  JCAHO there today; National VA electronic education module for nurses is being developed; Teresa will make a presentation on evidence-based searching at the VA Electronic Health University, this is the first time librarians are participating in this conference.

·         Pam from State Library of Iowa:  Losing 5/30 staff at state library. Medical Library closed March 2010 but keeping Health Iowa and Pam’s position not changing much; she will be continuing to work on digital projects, reference and outreach.   CINAHL will not be cut.

·         Randi from Mercy Medical Center, Cedar Rapids:  Full time librarian, Tonnie Flannery, was hired a few years ago; she is doing a lot of teaching and education. She heads the patient education committee, works with residents to provide orientation and reference services.  In the past two years they have doubled circulation, ILL’s & lit search requests making it necessary to designate areas/departments of responsibility for each librarian.

·         Chris from Hardin Library: - Iowa go local will no longer be funded after July 2010. Mentioned subject guides that he has recently created: consumer health and H1N1.

·         Eileen from Mercy College of Health Sciences, Des Moines: good enrollment for summer and fall. Had to make a lot of cuts to print collection recently, but adding electronic subscriptions. Clinical laboratory science program recently added. Asked for suggestions for dealing with Elsevier representatives, having difficulty with configuring remote access for Nursing Consult.

·         Jen from Hardin Library: Working on building relationships in College of Medicine and this will take some time. Teaching a good bit at CON, working often 1:1 with nursing students and advance practice nurses. Providing support to faculty in mandating  PDAs  for several nursing programs.