Spring, 2007

Iowa Library Association Health Science Subdivision Meeting
Thursday, April 26, 2007, Iowa Methodist, Des Moines, IA.


Emily Erickson, Chair,
Larry Marquardt, Vice-Chair
Jason Young, Secretary/Treasurer
Ambrosya Amlong, Representative to the NN/LM, GMR 2005-2008
Special Guest: Holly Burt, NN/LM GMR
Lenetta Atkins, Ellen Bergerson, Mindwell Egeland, Janice Eifling,
Eileen Hansen, Ed Holtum, Elaine Hughes, Jim Lander, Nancy O’Brien,
Dennis Peterson, Pam Rees, Chris Shaffer, Linda Walton, Paula Whannell

The meeting was called to order at 1:25 PM by Emily Erickson, Chair.

The minutes from the spring meeting were approved. Chris Shaffer moved to approve the minutes, and Nancy O’Brien seconded.

Old Business

Omaha 2007 Update

Jim Lander and Chris Shaffer shared that planning and coordination of this fall’s joint meeting is going well. A teleconference was held April 20. Confirmed speakers are Rivkah Sass, Dr. Joann Schaefer, Dale Lea and Fred Lee. The deadline to submit abstracts of papers and posters is May 31, and they should be emailed to siobhan@creighton.edu. Chris reported that the subdivision will receive one quarter of the profits from the meeting, and he encouraged the group to attend CE sessions. Some members reported having difficulties booking rooms at the Hilton. Chris said more rooms would become available soon.

New Business

Election of Officers

The following nominations were made and approved by acclamation:
Larry Marquardt will serve as Chair in 2008.
Paula Whannell will serve as Chair elect in 2008 and Chair in 2009.
Jason Young will serve as Secretary/Treasurer in 2008.

October 2007 ILA Health Sciences Subdivision Meeting

The fall business meeting will be held at the Coralville Marriott Hotel and Conference Center on Thursday, Oct. 11, during the ILA meeting. Emily said a breakout session is planned that will address medical online resources. Ed said Hardin will be featuring the NLM traveling exhibit, “Changing the Face of Medicine,” which shows the impact women have made in the practice of medicine. He suggested publicizing this and inviting ILA attendees to Hardin to view the exhibit. Emily asked if anyone would be willing to share about health sciences librarianship during a panel discussion to SLIS students from the UI. This will occur on Friday, Oct. 12, from 11 to 12:10.


Secretary/Treasurer Report

Jason Young reported a balance of $1,964.14 in the subdivision account.
The subdivision has 33 members in 2007.

NLM Update

Ambrosya gave a report on the current activities at the GMR. The GMR’s began a five-year contract with the NLM beginning in May 2006. The GMR will be focusing on outreach to public health workers and community- based organizations. Three new classes are being offered from the GMR, including Patient Safety Resource Seminar, which was taught by Holly Burt prior to this meeting. The GMR is also working on more MedlinePlus Go Local projects.

Hardin Update

The committee welcomed Hardin’s new director, Linda Walton. Before coming to Hardin, Linda was Associate Director of the Galter Health Sciences Library, Northwestern University. Linda said Hardin has several proposals in the works, including a Go Local project and funding for public health education centers south of I-80 (AHEC grant). Linda is serving on the MLA board and said she would like to discuss the MLA at the fall meeting.

Des Moines University Update

Larry Marquardt said DMU is working to provide more electronic resources to remote users. The library has dropped its subscription to UptoDate in favor of Dynamed. DMU is also working on an AHEC grant for outreach.

State Library Update

Pam Rees said the State Library has applied for exhibit space at the Iowa State Fair. The display would include NLM products.

Those in attendance gave very brief library updates before we adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Jason Young, Secretary/Treasurer