Iowa Library Association Health Sciences Subdivision 2009 Spring Meeting
Friday, April 24, 2009, Mercy College of the Health Sciences

Paula Whannell, Chair
Eileen Hansen, Chair-elect
Chris Childs, Secretary/Treasurer
Janna Lawrence, Representative to the NN/LM, GMR
Rebecca Quinn , ILA Executive Board Representative
Special Guest: Max Anderson, NN/LM GMR
Ellen Bergerson,Teresa R. Coady, Jen DeBerg, Trish Duffel, Mindy Egeland, Janice Eifling, Emily Erickson, Karen Goodall, Mary Hubbard, Elaine Hughes, Gordana Lenert, Joyce Lindstrom, Larry D. Marquardt, Joan Nashelsky, Janet Pine, Pam Rees, Linda Walton

The meeting was called to order at 1:52 PM by Paula Whannell, Chair.

Business Meeting Agenda

Welcome and introductions

Introductions were conducted.

Fall 2008 minutes – Paula Whannell

Paula sent out the fall minutes to everyone via email on 4/23/09, and copies were also passed around to the attendees. The minutes from the fall meeting were approved. Emily Erickson moved to approve the minutes, and Janna Lawrence seconded.

Treasurer’s report – Chris Childs

$8,361.64 is the reported a balance in the subdivision account. The subdivision has 25 registered members in 2009.

New Business

Joint meeting with Wisconsin – Larry Marquardt

The Wisconsin Health Sciences Association ( extended us an open invitation to attend their meeting on May 4-5 in La Crosse. They are interested in having a joint meeting with us in the future. Larry suggested that if a joint spring meeting where to occur, it should be in a central location. Linda Walton suggested Dubuque as a possible meeting place. Eileen Hansen wondered how that would affect subdivision status in ILA. Paula Whannell suggested waiting a couple years before committing to a joint meeting, to see how the current economic situation is going to affect everyone’s travel budget. Elaine suggested waiting a couple years to give all parties time to organize such an event. She also pointed out that the Wisconsin meeting last for two days and any joint meeting following the same format would result in more classes offered. Trish Duffel mentioned that missing two days of work might be a problem for some and suggested that one day of any future two day joint meetings should be during a weekend. Eileen asked if all future meeting could not take place so close to MLA annual conference. Larry will talk to contacts in Wisconsin this year about the possibility of a joint meeting and get back to us.

Iowa Health Science Directory – Paula Whannell

This would be for the entire state and consist of all of the registered members of the Health Sciences Subdivision. Paula said that according to Ed Holtum, keeping it up on DOCLINE isn’t working and he suggested posting something on Health Sciences Subdivision’s website with just institutional information, not personal information. Paula asked for suggestions. Max Anderson asked if we could use Iowa Go Local. Linda Walton pointed that the records in Iowa Go Local only contain institutional information. Mindy Egeland asked if all 25 on list are registered and I told her they are. Pam Rees offered to create the directory.

NN/LM Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan – Linda Walton

Linda is the state representative and attended training earlier this week. Max Anderson also attended as did Dan Wilson, from the University of Virginia who is the project coordinator for the entire country. Linda had handouts on the 10 step program. Linda talked out the nine minute train the trainer sessions for each step that were designed to assist people to fill out paperwork and thought about creating online versions of these sessions. Linda is going to work on identifying books and other materials that would be used in an emergency and as well as a list of emergency contacts to be sent out on the listserv. She mentioned that based on our current status on the 300 year cycle of disasters that we are in; we can expect more hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters in the years to come. Pam Reese attended the MLA webcast, Tips and Stories: Expanding the Library’s Services in Times of Disaster on November 12, 2008 as part of the Polk County Biomedical Consortium. Linda concluded by reminding everyone that the NN/LM GMR Emergency Preparedness & Response webpage ( has a disaster toolkit and that Hardin had presented a poster at MLA on Emergency Preparedness that is available for use ( or 319-335-9871).

The Flood that Came to Grandma’s House – Reach Out and Read Iowa – Paul Whannell

This is a children’s book that was written by Linda P. Stallone in 1992. The idea is to get this book into every hospital library across the state. Information on this book may be found at

Bylaws – Paula Whannell

New Bylaws were discussed last fall and Paula felt it more appropriate to discuss these new changes during the fall meeting during the Iowa Library Association in October.

Election of officers: chair, chair elect, secretary/treasurer, state liaison for the Midwest Chapter/MLA, state liaison for the GMR – Eileen Hansen

The following nominations were made and approved by acclamation:
Eileen Hansen will serve as Chair in 2010
Chris Childs will serve as Chair-elect in 2010
Jen Deberg will serve as Secretary/Treasurer in 2010
Pam Rees will serve as Liaison from the State Library in 2010
Paula Whannell will serve as the Hospital Library Representative in 2010
Joyce Lindstrom will serve as the state liaison for the Greater Midwest Region in 2010
Janna Lawrence will serve as the state liaison for the Midwest Chapter of MLA in 2010
Voting was conducted. All were in favor. Mindy suggested asking if people were interested in future positions in this subdivision. All terms begin in January 2010

Fall meeting at ILA
2009 ILA meeting ( will be from Oct. 21-23 in Des Moines at Polk County Convention Center. Mindy Egeland, Mary Kay Brooks, and Chris Childs from the University of Iowa will be leading a panel discussion entitled, How Public Libraries can set up their own Partnering for Patient Empowerment through Community Awareness (PPECA) programs.

Mindy Egeland explained that the idea behind PPECA ( was to collaborate with the staff at various Critical Access Hospitals to promote patient safety to the local community. This was done through a serious of presentations that would always involve a local librarian, who would provide the audience with a list of consumer health resources available at the local library. This was added to the folder given to each attendee that included a Med Card, information on how to record your family history and various other handouts on patient safety. The purpose of these presentations is to make patients aware that they have to be proactive in their healthcare.

Paula said she is currently working with Public Library subdivision to co sponsor this event and Paula suggested having a future presentation on filling out Medicare information. Linda mentioned that there is a toolkit available (contact for a copy) but thinks that the program (not toolkit) that was previously available has been cut due to economy.


GMR – Max Anderson

Max began by giving the membership updates and said that the membership numbers for the state of Iowa have been stagnant last few years. The GMR is in the middle of its five year contract with the NLM and therefore subject to a site visit by staff at the NLM. They looked at the GMR’s goals and determined that it strengths lay in the diversity of its staff, programs and awards. The GMR acknowledged the difficulty in meeting the demands of a 10 state region and suggested increasing online classes to cut down on the amount of traveling. Max mentioned that there is an online version for the Podcasting class ( given earlier today as an example of an online class available at the GMR. It requires two hours online then you have two weeks to complete the exercises. Upon completion of the class, each participant is given CE credit.

Linda mentioned NLM Grant Writing class ( taught by Ruth Holst that will be held at the Hardin Library on June 23rd from 9-1pm.

Max also mentioned that the 3rd annual regional advisory meeting for the NLM contract will be held on Nov. is 4th and that Iowa has asked to be on the licensing group. The NLM has a number of communication tools (i.e. webcasts) and posters available in the lending library ( on the GMR website that are free to members. There are also a lot of new classes listed on the website ( The new fiscal year with NLM starts May 1st, so more awards will be ready. Two new awards will be the EFTS and Planning and Assessment. The EFT award give money for institutions to start their own EFT system, and the Planning and Assessment award provides money to discover local populations in a community that could benefit from an outreach program. All available awards are on the funding page ( of the GMR website, which will be updated on May 1st.

NIH Medline Plus magazine has a Spanish version ( available.

Jen Deberg asked about the EFTS system and Max explained that it stands for Electronic Fund Transfer System and helps libraries cut down on paper whenever they have to borrow or lend. Without the EFT system, libraries end up spending roughly $100 per transaction.

A repot will go out on the events of the Hospital Summit on Emergency Preparedness.

ILA- Rebecca Quinn

Rebecca began her report by saying that she thought it wise that an ILA board representative attend each subdivision meetings. She mentioned ILA’s national networks, talked about the importance of being a member of ILA and how currently membership is decreasing

Library updates, including the impact of the current economy on staff, materials and services

Pam Rees – State Library

Pam stated that while budget cuts are imminent, no one at the State Library knows for sure the exact amount that will be cut. The range is anywhere from 1 ½ to 6% of the original budget and a $25,000 cut for journals. She isn’t sure how much money will be cut for books. They are really hoping to avoid laying anyone off.

Mary Hubbard – UI Center for Disabilities and Rehabilitation Library

Mary and Mindy Egeland are both under the operations umbrella of UI Patient’s Hospital. They both want to share resources and collections and have been encouraged to explore this option by their administrators, but unfortunately there isn’t any money available at the moment for this project to be implemented.

Mindy Egeland- UI Patient’s Library

Mindy agreed with what Mary said about the two libraries. She wants to increase the library’s role in promoting patient education and mentioned the importance getting input from the Nursing department. There is going to be an 8% budget cut. Student help is critical and since there aren’t any replacements for those who leave or get sick, they might have to close doors when Mindy is not available. The library circulates 35,000 items per year and Mindy predicts numbers will increase with ¾ circulations being on health related materials instead of things like DVDS. There were planned renovations, but due to the budget, those plans are on hold.

Hardin Library – Chris Childs

Chris talked about working with Pam Rees from the State Library of Iowa, to create a presentation for all ten hospitals that are currently in the UI Critical Access Hospital Network. The purpose of these presentations was to introduce the hospital staff to the resources that are available to them for free from both libraries.

He also talked about an upcoming project with the Institute for Clinical Transitional Science’s Community Engagement Program. Hardin Library was recently awarded an 18 month subcontract that allows for workstations to be installed in the patient waiting rooms of all four clinics, so that patients can look up health related information before or after seeing a physician. Chris will create resource guides based on the demographics of all four clinics that will allow for easy access to this information.

Des Moines University- Larry Marquardt

According to Larry, enrollment is climbing, the library’s budget is in good shape, and if all goes well, the collections will hopefully continue to increase. Lindsay McAllister is the new Archivist.  They are currently in the process of hiring a Chief Information Officer and a Provost.   Lindsay McAllister is the new Archivist. Joyce Lindstrom is teaching specialized database classes and in 2010 and they will be hosting two NLM traveling exhibits.

Broadlawn’s Medical Center – Elaine Hughes

Remodeling of the hospital has been helped by healthcare initiatives on a national level. Beneficiaries from stimulus money, such as the Radiology department, want to redistribute funds. A popular idea among the beneficiaries is to weed out the printed materials and removed the old stacks in the library. A new library is in future and online resources are being added to the library’s collection. The budget for databases remains the same and there is now wireless access in the entire library, but users must obtain a password for access.

USDA, APHIS/ARS, National Centers for Animal Health Library – Janice Eifling

The library is moving to new building this summer. The book collection has been cut and a new catalog system will be used once everything is moved into the new building. The library committee is working on the journal list and cutting titles in print that are also available electronically. The new location will be next to the cafeteria and Janice hopes that will increase library traffic and usage.

Palmer College of Chiropractic – Karen Goodall

There will be a new online system in the fall. Currently no budget cuts, but is running out of room for bound volumes. She is teaching a required course for the chiropractic program and is also working on creating a required course for CT program. Applied and received the R25 NIH grant to bring more online base education into classrooms. There is a hiring freeze in effect and occasionally the library has to close one floor during a staff shortage, because several of the access points on each floor need to be monitored.

VA Central Iowa Health Care System – Teresa Coady

A new library is being built with an already existing budget that covers all expanding resources despite a cut of 12%.

Hardin Library – Janna Lawrence

Hardin has hired two new librarians: Jen DeBerg joined Hardin as an Education and Outreach Librarian and Kelly Thormodson is the Coordinator for Education and Research. Brooke Billman took a position in Arizona. Chris Shaffer took a position in Oregon. Ed Holtum is on phased retirement now.

University of Iowa Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Library – Trish Duffel

A new library assistant was hired. The focus of the library is more about the services than the facility. Despite the fact that the library is paid for by a UI foundation, the budget has taken a hit and no new books have been purchased.

Hardin Library – Linda Walton

The budget has been cut by 6% in the 2009 fiscal year. The library is losing 100,000 in yearly funds from five colleges for collection development. The total amount gone next year is expected to be $160,000 and the Provost has stressed the importance of Hardin generating a revenue stream. Therefore, the first floor of the library will be gutted to create office space for the IRB which would pay rent. Several of the branch libraries will be closed and their collections moved to either Hardin or the Main Library. The branches that will be closed are: Mathematical Sciences, Psychology, Physics and Geosciences. The Psychology collection will be moved to Hardin. The Art and Music Libraries are still closed due to the flooding last summer. The Music Library collection moved to the Main Library. Hardin currently holds Chemistry Library Collection. Lost Brooke Billman’s position due to the hiring freeze and Linda has inherited all branch libraries. Despite the branch closings, no position will be lost. Leo Clougherty is managing the branch libraries and Kari Kozak is the new science librarian. The Art library won’t be repaired as quickly as hoped and new space may have to be found on campus for a new building.

Referring to the announcement about the laying off school librarians in Iowa City, Linda stated that wasn’t the case. Instead, it was decided that since two librarians retired, no one had to be laid off. Now there is only one librarian for the two smallest schools

Mary Greely Medical Center – Emily Erickson

New electronic medical records department staff members must take tests to be certified and Emily proctors these tests about four hours per week.

Mercy College of the Health Sciences – Eileen Hansen

There wasn’t any loss of staff in the college, but one staff member moved to part time. There has been a spending freeze since December. The current budget is only 30% of 2008 budget. Recently was awarded on of the GMR’s Technology grants and plan to use it to purchase pocket video cameras for nurses.

Iowa Health – Paula Whannell

An EBM class that is taught to residents and students is being updated, so that more information is retained. A January to December budget had been approved but was recently sent back with a request to cut 10%, which might affect the purchasing for books and journals or salaries.

The meeting adjourned at 3:39 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Childs, Secretary/Treasurer