Iowa Library Association Health Science Subdivision Meeting-Fall 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008,Grand River Center, Dubuque,Iowa


Larry Marquardt, Chair

Paula Whannell, Chair-Elect

Jason Young, Secretary/Treasurer

Special Guest: Jacqueline Leskovec,NN/LM GMR

Sarah Andrews, Chris Childs, Mindwell Egeland, Tonnie Flannery, Ed Holtum, Elizabeth Kiscaden, Pamela Kress-Dunn, Jim Lander, Lisa Martincik, Laura Morton, Pam Rees, Linda Walton

The meeting was called to order at 4:35 p.m. by Larry Marquardt,Chair. Member introductions followed.

Jim Lander, who retired from Mercy Medical Center in Dubuque this spring, was presented with a letter of recognition signed by Iowa Governor Chet Culver for his years of outstanding service to health professionals in the state. 

The Spring 2008 minutes were approved by acclamation.

Treasurer’s Report

Jason Young reported a balance of $8,296.64 in the subdivision account and 36 registered members. 

NN/LM Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan

Hardin Library Director Linda Walton is the Regional Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for Iowa. She will be working with libraries to create preparedness and emergency response plans. For more information, contact her at (319) 385-9873 or encouraged everyone to visit the >NLM’s toolkit available at

MLA Update

MLA representative Linda Walton encouraged members to comment on MLA’s strategic plan at the MLA Connections members' blog ( will be taken until November 7. MLA’s webcast, “Survival Tips and Stories: Expanding the Library’s Services in Times of Disaster,” will be presented on November 12 from 1-3 p.m. Central time. She also encouraged members to participate in the Hay Group salary survey and the JMLA readership survey.

NN/LM GMR Update

Jacqueline Leskovec, GMR Outreach and Evaluation Coordinator, shared that the GMR is now fully staffed after the hiring of Technology Coordinator Max Anderson and Consumer Health Coordinator Samanthi Hewakapuge. A new page has been added to the NN/LM site regarding scholarly communication for health sciences libraries: The GMR is offering the following new classes: “Can You Hear Me Now: How to Make a Podcast” ( “Public Health Information on the Web” ( full list of classes offered by the GMR is available at: year for National Medical Librarians Month, the Advocacy Working Group of the Regional Advisory Council to the GMR discussed how to advocate our worth to our administrators. The advice for how to deliver an effective elevator speech is posted in the GMR’s Cornflower blog; MedlinePlus now provides links to information in over40 languages. Visit the Health Information in Multiple Languages page at  The GMR continues to offer funding for network members to develop and provide new and innovative health information services for health professionals and consumers in the GMR. See GMR’s lending library has been updated and may be found at: who haven’t updated their institutional record in Docline should do so as soon as possible to receive a participation certificate from the NN/LM.

ILA Planning Meeting

Larry Marquardt and Paula Whannell will be attending the ILA Planning Meeting in Johnstonon November 7. Please send them your ideas for possible speakers for next year’sILA, which will be held inDes Moines.Larry suggested that the subdivision consider bringing in the keynote speaker.

Bylaws Approved

Larry Marquardt recognized the Bylaws Review Committee forits efforts in revising the bylaws. The group comprised Chris Shaffer, Mindwell Egeland and Elaine Hughes. ILA approved the revised bylaws and the subdivision adopted them by acclamation.  

Library Reports (these were emailed to the Secretary, as time didn’t allow for sharing these at the meeting)

Des Moines University

The DMU Library has hired a new archivist for theArchive/Rare Book Room.

Lindsey MacAllister will start on November 17. Lindsey was formerly employed as Archivist for the Museum of Science and Technology in Chicago.

University of Iowa HardinLibrary

Chris Shaffer left Hardin to become director of Oregon Health & Science University Library.  Lisa Martincik is the new Electronic Resources Librarian at Hardin. The library received new carpeting and chairs this past summer.

State Library of Iowa

The State Library is transferring the HealthInfoIowa to the Plone content management site. Mary Wegner,State Librarian and former medical librarian, was named ILA Librarian of the Year at this year’s ILA.

Mercy Medical Center– North Iowa (Mason City)

Elizabeth Kiscaden reported that last winter Mercy Medical Library -North Iowa was awarded a Technology Improvement Award from the NNLM/GMR, which was used to purchase a scanner. The library will be losing space for the creation of an ACLS/BLS computer lab, which will be constructed this fiscal year.

Mercy Medical Center–Dubuque

Pamela Kress-Dunn reported that she will be automating her library for the first time, using EOS. She will be weeding extensively over the next year and plans to update the book collection. She also hopes to obtain a scanner for emailing ILLs.

Genesis Medical Center–Davenport

Jason Young reported that he worked with the hospital’s webmaster to create a new website based on the Mayo Clinic libraries’ site. The site receives top billing now via a tab on the hospital’s intranet page. He was added to orientation for new nurses and physicians.

The meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jason Young, Secretary/Treasurer