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The purpose of the ia-medlibs mailing list is to expedite communication between medical librarians in the state of Iowa. The list will serve as a forum for discussion and as a bulletin-board for announcements of interest to Iowa medical librarians. 

Deanna Poe is the list owner. If you have questions about this list, please contact the list owner at

If you have not yet subscribed to the list and wish to do so, just follow the instructions below:

Send an e-mail to the following address:

The message should read, simply, "subscribe" (without the quotations). That's it.

Soon, you will receive instructions about how to use the list and a copy of the information that is reprinted below.

There are two addresses associated with this list serve. 

The posting address is:

This is the address for all messages intended for list subscribers. Any message that you send to will automatically go to all individuals subscribed. 

The utility address is:

This is the address that you direct all administrative commands to. Administrative commands include subscribing and unsubscribing from the list.

Additional mailing list instructions are listed below.



Some basic instructions are included here. If you have questions about this mailing list that are not answered here, please send  an e-mail message to owner of this list. The owner's e-mail 
address is:


To unsubscribe from the list, type the word "unsubscribe" on a line by itself (send only that word--don't include an  e-mail address with the command) in an e-mail message and 
send it to the address

Note: You will not receive any response to your unsubscribe request if everything works. In this case, no news is good news.


To send a message to the list, use the e-mail address

The message will be forwarded to everyone currently subscribed. If the list is moderated, the message will not be forwarded to  subscribers until it has been approved by the moderator. 

HINT #1: Notice the difference between the two e-mail addresses above. The address with "-request" should only be used when sending commands (see the next section).

HINT #2: When you send a message to the list, you will NOT get a copy of your own message mailed back to you (this might be different behavior from other mailing lists you use). If
there's a problem sending your message, you will receive an e-mail message with any errors that occurred.

(NOTE FOR OFFICE VISION USERS: The instructions here will not work from Office Vision! There might be instructions for you in the section ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT THIS LIST below. If not, contact your list owner for information.)

To send a command (e.g., help), type the command name on a line by itself in the body of the e-mail message (not on the Subject: line). Send the message to the address

The results of the command are returned to you via e-mail (except for "unsubscribe," which returns nothing). You can include more than one command in the message--just put one command on each line. The last command should be "end".

Here are some of the available commands you might use.

help returns more detailed command descriptions info returns the list description lists returns a list of all mailing lists subscribe used to join a mailing list unsubscribe used to leave a mailing list which returns names of lists to which you are subscribed who returns the list of subscribers for this list